you need a video

Let’s face it, how many businesses and organisations can afford not to make use of online video these days? It’s one of the most effective and cost-effective means of communication. Our aim’s to produce engaging films at a fair price which do exactly what you need them to.

If you think of your website as a 24/7 shop window on your business, then a video helps you showcase the best of what you offer! It’s the next best thing to talking to your customers face to face, allowing you to introduce your company and your products and services in a direct and personable way.

Not only that. It’s also a fast and affordable tool to boost your Google rankings, make you stand out from the crowd and keep customers and potential customers on your website for longer.

Need something eye-catching to show on a trade stand or to potential clients at business meetings? Perhaps you’re launching a new product or service or putting together an award entry? Or you may need a film to help train staff. We can help with all of these.

At If… Media our journalistic background is one of our big strengths when it comes to telling your story. Whether it’s a complex issue which needs to be conveyed in a simple way or a creative idea to bring a product or service to life. We work with both the public and private sector – producing films with real content, presented with authority and imagination.

We know from experience that not everyone’s comfortable with the idea of commissioning a film or appearing on camera. Rest assured, If… Media will guide you through the process.

"Words are a lens to focus one's mind."
- Ayn Rand